Monday, May 24, 2010

Guang Zhou Trip

I need to apologize as I have forgotten to bring  my camera during this trip but here are some of the system that I have listen.
Westlake tower 12 + boulder 500ae(pre + power) .I listen at the "new tao ge" Guang Zhou at the top floor.Using TAD speaker wire.I like this system.

B&w 805 + onix integrated amplifier + onix cd player.I listen to this setup at the cd shop at Hai Yin Complex.Every cd shop got serious setup. I like this so a bought a few cd's from this shop.Yes, i like this setup.

Ayon speaker + Kondo M77(pre) + Kondo power amp(sorry I forgot the model).This setup is at the ground floor of "Wan Shen" building.I don’t like this

Tannoy srm15(added elac super tweeter(like a mushroom), + single ended(Don’t know what power amp)amplifier+ vintage marantz 7.This setup is at the New "tao ge" building GuangZhou.The speaker is just being fire up.The sound is still changing while i'm at the place.An Elac super tweeter(look like a mushroom) is being added at the top of the Tannoy.Sound Moderate.

Tannoy Kensington +Accuphase pre and power.At the "Wan Shen"building ground floor at Shen Zhen  Sound ok

Wilson audio Maxx + Big boulder silver in colour.At the "Wan Shen" building  ShenZhen.Nice talking to fella "Old Lee"Nice guy but I don’t like the system.Just beside the Wilson maxx there is the famous B&W Nautilius but too bad it is never connected to any amplifier.Many mention that this speaker is very difficult to drive.

Westlake bbsm10vnf +Plinius (pre and power) 250watt silver colour.At the "Wan Shen" building Shen Zhen.I request for the Manger CD gtrack 15.The seller agreed there is room boom. i don’t like this.

Orgue pm610,Orgue PM610 reference, Archion 12 + melody parallel 2a3 + Jungson cd player.I like the normal PM610 rather than the reference PM610 that use solid wood cabinet.Overall,I don’t like this.

China clone proac response 2.5 + China Kt88 amplifier.I don’t like this.

During this trip, i found that everyb system either violin music or "chai chin" cds.Why?

"I don’t like" doesn’t mean the equipment is bad. Maybe at that moment my mood is not good or ....too many maybe.