Tuesday, April 20, 2010

DIY wire connection, diy interconnect


I always keep this in handy.Don't blame the cable if it is not sound good, it  might your connection technique that went wrong


Sunday, April 18, 2010

Family war, JBL 4312d vs 4412a-updated

Update:Thanks Aki for the nice video

Testing JBL 4312D

Testing 4412a.
You can see my toe. ha!

Last week was a shootout between 2 pairs of JBL. Many especially Mr.Chan from HK says  that the 4312D is the entry level before anyone decided to go for bigger JBL in the future.

When comparing with the 4412a .Both are 3 ways using 12 inch as the woofer but visually the 4312D woofer is white cone and the 4412a is black cone.There is no mid and high gain control for the 4412a.
This JBL 4312d is still new and it might not even run in.

First the JBL 4312d is being put up. The JBL 4312D had a high and mid gain control at the front panel. The owner set it at around 3(there is 1 till 10) on both high and mid. After listen for while I ask for permission to fiddle on the gain. “Please go ahead” is the answer and.i settle it 4 on the mid and 6 on the high

A Music Angel 845 is one of the amplifier that serve as the main amplifier.
Sound wise I feel the 4312d have a much better resolution on the mid and low. High I feel the woofer of the 4312d is the one that contribute much to the overall speaker sound.(Later i found out that the woofer cross very high that almost run it like a full range.) 
The 4412a is much smoother performer with extended high. This is a easy speaker for any amplifier. The presentation of the speaker seems to rounded up the many of the music.
 This 4412a seems to be using a much better tweeter.

I tends to like the JBL 4312D but the JBL 4412a seems to be the easier speaker.
The choice is yours.

*Thanks AKI from Sandakan for the above picture

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Manger test disc

Sorry guys for didn’t update for such a long period of time. As expected Koo come over to visit and i have to thanks Koo for helping me to get the Mangers CD. (This happen before 2010 chinese new year)

This is a superb recording. I come to know manger through the single driver.(Last few year I am crazy about single driver and just miss out to own a manger driver)

This cd is a compilation of different genre of songs like light jazz, light pop, classicals, vocals, piano and a little bit of everything. Track 2 is good for testing imaging and my favourite is track 15 and it is good to test a system dynamic.