Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Manger test disc

Sorry guys for didn’t update for such a long period of time. As expected Koo come over to visit and i have to thanks Koo for helping me to get the Mangers CD. (This happen before 2010 chinese new year)

This is a superb recording. I come to know manger through the single driver.(Last few year I am crazy about single driver and just miss out to own a manger driver)

This cd is a compilation of different genre of songs like light jazz, light pop, classicals, vocals, piano and a little bit of everything. Track 2 is good for testing imaging and my favourite is track 15 and it is good to test a system dynamic.



  1. Hi KLau, may i know where can buy the album of Manger Test disk? Kindly advise and email me at
    Thank in advance

  2. Hi Shin,

    I saw it at CMY sungei wang not long ago.