Monday, January 3, 2011

A Multiple Subwoofer System

Audiophiles tended to shudder whenever there's a
mention of "multiple subwoofer system"! Why is it so?
Could it be a mindset of sort, or the idea that it is next
to impossible to come up with such a system? Or it's
plain 'blasphemy' to even talk about this subject,
where the audiophiles would rather 'religiously'
hang on to ideas that are strictly 'hifi related'?!
Thought this was years ago, read 'ancient' that
subwoofers are best used in home theatre(HT)
only! That the mention of subwoofer(s) for 2 channel
stereos was a 'no no'!!!! Alright, then you may
say that was then, this is now! So did you still
hang on to that idea or you have started to
venture into the use of subwoofer(s)?

Uncle Vic has always go against the grain, so
to speak and 'dare to go where no man has been
before!' So that may make him a hifi renegade,
in fact many audiophiles found him to be despicable
at times because of his known involvements into
multiple subwoofer systems and his incessant
mention of the said subject. Doesn't in history
innovators face the same sort of resistants
and even persecuted for their beliefs?

For the start of the year 2011, Uncle Vic
decided to 'unveiled' his unorthodox and
out of the ordinary system. And just the
hardwares and any upgrades, though there
are many audiophiles who are already
quite familiar with the said setup. How does
it sound? Your guess is as good as anybody
who has never listen to a "multi sub system"
(short for multiple subwoofer system) before!

Anyone would have expected ground shaking
low frequencies, objects in the room rattling,
ceiling boards vibrating, your very chair you
are sitting on shaking violently and finally
maybe, just maybe if you have a heart ailment,
or any other body disorder(s) to feel like throwing
out and run the risk of a heart failure or even
sudden death! Yes, no?!

Do you(still do for ever more) or did you (used to
think these are all possible)really think for a
minute these will happen? However, there is
no substitute for just reading, you have got to
sit in front of one such setup and find out for
yourself. And there are already several such
setups of variously different configurations.

The hardwares(subwoofers) included the following,

2 x 12" down firing with servo & a down firing port

2 x 10" front firing with servo closed box design

2 x 10" down firing with servo and front firing port

1 x 8" front firing with servo closed box design

1unit with two 16cm driver in band pass confirguration,
no servo(quite similar to a Rogers AB-1 bass extender)
1unit with one 16cm driver in band pass, passive.
2 unit with one 6.5" driver each, in bookshelf enclosure,
used as passive radiators.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011.............................Happy New Year!

Happy New Year 2011 to everyone!

How does one celebrates on the 1st day of a new year?
Sort of like doing something right with things moving
steadily and surely in the right direction to start an
auspicious day. Typical of ethnic chinese origin, the
all so important 'ong' factor coming into the picture!
At least in modern times short of me looking up the
chinese almanac as to what to do best for the day!

So the few of us, Uncle Vic, Uncle Chew, KL Doc and
Kajang Foo decided to get together for lunch in
Broga, not too far from the town of Semenyih.
Lots of laughter and jokes, but still more or
less centred around hifi related discussions &/or
a twist! However, observers looking at us having
a good time could surely tell from our waist line,
(all of us are fat around the middle) that it's a
past time we enjoy very much, besides the chit
chat, the food and drinks that is!

To think we are going to sit all day talking or
dispersed after the lunch, then readers don't
know us well enough. We adjourned to Kajang
Foo's place to listen to his many setups and to
help give suggestions as to tuning the systems
and improving room acoustics. The brain
storming sessions followed the thorough
listening and it's where our analytical mind
got to work overtime. By 5pm we break
for tea and more talks and jokes followed.
Overall it's a very fruitful day of outing,
to savour some high cholesterol filled
food(;-p quite sure you won't want to
know) from out of town places and listen
to some hifi systems and raking our
brains for ways to improve the already
good sound!

I could say it's a good day of outing for us
playful overgrown audiophiles.

Hope the readers here on this auspicious
day, had a good day like us, too! And
wishing all readers a Happy New Year!!!