Wednesday, January 20, 2010

SAT bass trap 2- diy bass trap

Update SAT bass trap

Somkeone ask me why you use 6 ply of carpet instead of 5,7 or 8 ply. Good question,actually it need a mass of 1.49kg/m2.
Here is the calculation:
The panel surface

1.74 x 0.29 = 0.5046 m2,
1.49 x 0.5046 = 0.75kg

I have weight 1 ply of carpet is around 145gram(less10% to minus the excess)=130.5 gram

So 750 gram/130.5 = 5.74 ply,
So round it up around 6 ply.

I have try out 3 ply carpet at first and it is not working.6 ply give me more satisfactory result. Sometimes we really need to do calculation to cut down the trial and error.
On the 1st version i can varying the depth of the bass absorber panel.
I found that the result is close what i have calculated out.


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