Saturday, November 6, 2010

Consensus on a good sounding system

How often do we need to agree upon if a setup sounded good to one's hearing? The answer would be probably not! As human we can't agree upon anything, in fact nothing at all, unless we are signatories to an agreement! So will an arbitration by say 10 or even 100 learned & experienced audiophiles to listen to a setup(which could only be conducted at different times), be or would be able to judge if a setup to be considered good sounding, if even at all? Again probably not! Why is it so difficult to even judge if a setup sounded good enough to meet some of the important hifi parameters of good sound? Personal preferences, prejudices, likes and dislikes, used to a certain signature sound, and not used to other types of presentations?

Do you think that experienced audiophiles could provide some insights into this 'All Time Arguments' as to why different persons would perceived the sound reproduction of a system to various degree of excellence or lack of it for that matter? We have seen/read arguments some even out of hand in some blogs, forums and mailing lists, as to what quality of sound constituted.
Will there be a sort of ISO for music/sound reproductions in the near future?


  1. Why consensus required? Move on!

  2. I had lunch with Big E, twice over 2 weeks, and the subject of 10 persons listen to his setup and he has 10 different opinions and comments, about the pair of PMC fact 8 speakers he now used. Not many ever think he made the right choice with that pair of speakers. But then that same pair of speakers won the best buy award recently. ;-p

  3. A good hifi system is something that make you feels good to your ear. One man's meat could be another man's poison and I would say different individual would have different taste.

  4. That was what I thought to be! Different persons listen to music differently, simply because they come from different background, accumulated different sets of experiences, learn different ways of doing things, mindset different, goals different, lastly likes and dislikes different. The bottom line: we are all different!

  5. Unker,

    There is an universal "good" sound that cannot be denied regardless of equipments brands, price or owner status though there are many so stubborn and scared to admit it.
    In fact, your current setup sound is grouped into this universal sound which only the Real Audiophiles or hifi enthusiasts will gladly appreciate it.
    Your current setup is a must listen with no regret, I dare say.


  6. Hi Tan, so far not many wants to find out. Perhaps not many wants to pursue matter of this kind, perhaps already happy with their own setup, which is a good thing & adds to mental health and happy with what they are doing, which could be more important than seeking out knowledge and experience.

  7. Uncle,

    It's normal that most of them still assume that your system sound still remains the same from their last visits and would never expect your current sound has greatly improved.
    I believe they will find out soon or later because Good sound never lies.

  8. Hi Tan,

    The improvement started just 3 weeks before the KLIAV2010.......since then the sound remained the same till now. But people won't buy the idea of sound from non hi end system, it's something most people will stick to thru' out their hifi journey. It's true and it's happening.

    I'm waiting for those who dare to venture out of that mindset, to show them what they could find out there, beyond price level and egoes.

  9. unker vic:

    how is the universal good sound setup sounds?
    wonder if could experience it myself

  10. Send me a e mail.... at

    will give u details and directions.

  11. Albert Wui had a listen on friday 31st dec 2010.

    OK, who else wants a listen?

    If u are not sure about it, u can always ask Albert before u decide.