Saturday, May 7, 2011

C's setup part 2: Just arrived from Japan by courier

C called about a package that just came in
from Japan
. We were excited about the surprise
package, and hopped over to his place to take
a look see and hopefully be able to have a listen.
So I arrived at C's place with The Wise One and
Chan, for that meet up and listen session.

It was a pair of Yamaha NS-700X Monitor. It
now replaced the Harbeth HL5 which was
mentioned in part 1 of a very short pictorial
presentation of C's setup. Initial listening
suggest the speakers have not being used
for some time.

So we suggested several weeks of running in
before we have another proper listen session.
(And another chance to have a lunch feast.
We take whatever opportunities we can get,
sort of excuses to get together for food, drinks
and chit chat session, besides the listen
session of course).

Later after a few weeks of running in, I returned
to listen a 2nd time and this time I find the
speakers were able to sing tunes worthy to be
called 'Monitor'! Now the highs sure appeal
to us Uncles whose hearing sensitivity are
already declining in the high hz range. But
what about how the younger listeners find it.
More of that in the upcoming part 3, which I
hope will provide some insight into vintage
speakers of the '80s which some younger
audiophiles may be intrigued by and maybe
interested in a listen and be able to understand
what their parents have being listening to
during that period in time. Those who are
interested to find out more could contact
any of the contributing writers from this
blog, or e mail them directly if you can.

Description of the speakers:

YAMAHA NS-700X Monitor (3 Way, 12" Carbon
Fibre Woofer) Technics SB-8 (3 Way Honeycomb
speaker system). Tweeters were a diamond
titanium type combination.

Pic taken: Olympus 4/3 system, E300,
Zuiko digital14-45mm f3.5-5.6 with
electronic flash light.

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