Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Part 1: As You Like it!

Now that the Hifi show is no longer the conversation
piece at drinking sessions, the excitement is almost
over but thoughts still linger on with memories of the
3 day festival. Let's get back to the real world realities
and problems, if you have not stop thinking about
your wish list of what setups you may want to have
or bring back home from the hifi show, time to snap
out of it!

This posting I will ask some real world questions,
many may want to evade these questions, but
some how you will still have to face it one way
or another, even worst you may have to face
it alone! Something that audiophiles would
rather not face, rather not know and rather
not have to answer to anybody at all! All right
then, keep it to yourselves if you wish. As
you like it, then!

The question : What musical presentations
do you have in your listening room?
Irrespective if the speakers in use are
bookshelf type or floorstanders and with
or without the use of subwoofer or subwoofers,
there will be a musically beautiful soundstagings
of the sonic images in your listening room/ space,
which will be part of the music reproduction
which you will enjoy everyday of the year!

Simple but yet a nagging little question that
many felt best left unanswered! I would
reckoned readers will have their main speakers
pulled away from the front wall and side walls if
space permits, other than that the speakers
are placed plush to the front wall!

1. A musical soundstage presentation that
hugs your 2 main speakers? Meaning the
soundstage is in your listening room &
surrounding the main speakers!

2. A musical soundstage presentation that
falls into the spaces between the speakers
and the front wall, and some sonic images
to the sides of the speakers too, between
the speakers and the side walls. Meaning
the soundstaging starts from behind the
main speakers.

3. A musical soundstage presentation that
falls onto the front wall and it's 'tosai thin'
and hugs the wall! Meaning it's still in
the listening room but practically
plastered onto the front wall!

4. A musical soundstage presentation that
falls behind the front wall, and no images
seems to be in the room including the
omni directional low hz sound! Meaning
the walls of your listening room, the front
wall and the 2 side walls seems to have
disappeared, and you are no longer in
a confined space of your listening room,
and it's something you can confirmed when
you switched off all the lights! You feel you
are being transported from the listening room
be it big or small, you perceived you are
now in a big concert hall (if you are replaying
orchestral music), in a big auditorium (if
you are listening to live gig recordings),
you are in a large studio (if you are listening
to studio recording be it audiophile recording
or not).

Now take a deep breathe and think and see
what you have.


  1. A part from sonic quality, have you ever though of inproving the WAF of your listening area? It gotta have some degree of aesthetic to it as well :)

  2. Hi Tinkerer,

    Unc Vic passed away in August, just before Hari Raya this year. This was his last posting before he left us all mortal souls to enjoy his music up in the heavens. We will all sadly miss him. May God bless his soul. RIP Uncle Vic.

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