Monday, December 13, 2010

How should the bass be presented?

There is no question of the bass sound reproduced
from our hifi system has always being in the mind's
eye of most learned audiophiles to be/ should be
taut/tight/tuneful/with correct amount of decay &
no overhang whatsoever. So far so good? So what's
the big deal about the bass sound, as long as the
above are fulfilled or nearly there?!

However, to the audiophile community there is
still the question of preferences clouding the
thoughts & making some adjustments to the much
subjective(presumably it is) taste of like and
dislikes! As there are audiophiles who will
listen to bookshelf speakers with very little bass
and probably will continue to do so all their life.
And there are others who must have a pair of
floorstander speaker for their sonic diets!
Yet another even smaller group of listeners
who will and can only listen to their music
with subwoofer or subwoofers augmenting
the low registers and may even be the
lowest of frequencies that we could humanly

So we have different tastes and different
preferences and variously different hearing
acumens and ability. How about getting the
bass to sound closer to what we find in real
life events? (Now you are talking!) I now
throw a question to readers : Should the
bass sound be tuned to be close to or like
those of real events? Yes, no?

No! You say! We can never get there!
Alright then, how about a little bit of
excitements to entice our sonic diet?
How about some "chest hitting" bass?
(Are you nuts?) No! Seriously, we can
if we are willing to come up with the molah!
Actually, we can that is if we really want
those earth shaking bass! There are lots
of expensive hi end subwoofers out there
to choose. Make a google and one will find
plenty of brand types!

That seems easy enough, right?! Now here
comes the difficult part! How do audiophiles
tune the bass to get the 'chest hitting' bass
and at the same time have that bass sound
to be a important part of the soundstage?
I will let our readers here ponder for a while
with this idea. Please provide your comments
if you think it could be done!


  1. Hi Vic,

    Chest hitting bass, remind me of my yester year.
    I did found out later the disco is equip with 18 inch JBL sub woofer blast with PA amp.
    Now i'm satisfy with tuneful bass.You need a lot of watt to produce that 'chest hitting bass"
    Bigger watts means $$$ and less sweet sound.


  2. One needs at least some 15" drivers and put on overdrive to get the chest hitting bass. But then that will be putting ALL the bass frequency range on overdrive too! Then everything else will be in the distortion zone! It's sure is a tricky task!!!!