Friday, December 3, 2010

R's Music System

If one has followed the evolution(or development if u like
to call it that) of friends' hifi system, one will be probably
be amazed as to how the change of equipments could
affect the sound so much! I have one such experience to
document in this diary entry. I've followed my friend Mr.R,
in my neighbourhood over a few years, to know this to be

Then, the time of KEF floorstanders driven by Passlab
amplifications and Classe CD source and now, Marantz
sacd 1, Parasound preamp and parasound monoblocs
driving a pair of Proac 3.8 speakers; depicted a very
significant difference in the sound/music reproduction
of those 2 time periods! As I recalled the big differences
and gradual changes of the sound as the equipments
get some further 'running in' , have me anticipating the
possibility of much greater improvements of the the
overall sound presentations and even more enjoyable
listening sessions to come! From what I heard over
the recent past few weeks when the changes to the
sound of new replacement equipments started to be
more apparent, I have to dismiss the idea of a quick
writeup, but instead waited out to do a writeup till the
sound gets even better!!!

Now what I perceived of the sound presentation, was
centred around the keyword: control. That good control
all round, not superlative yet, maybe there will be more
surprises to come, that I may not know yet. Maybe the
gears could still show sign of greater improvements to
come, as I could find more differences with each visits.
signifcances of those room Pretty sure those room
treatments (to be detailed in part 2 of this writeup)
which were progressively put in place, contributed to
the comfortable sound of the system. One matter is
clear in my mind, room treatments do brings out more
of the music!

Mr.R being more of a music lover than a hifi enthusiast,
is clearly shown with his choice of music spinned for his
visitors. Very varied and nonetheless shows his love of
music from his very large & impressive collection of CD
based softwares of redbook CDs, SACDs and have
many a visitor salivating over his many CD boxsets!!!
And yes I know he also enjoys fine wines and good coffee.

Alright, you have to ask, and what did I listen to with every
listening sessions. You name it, Classicals, jazz,
progressive rocks, country and western, music from the
60s, 70s, 80s, and some 90s. Each of the listening
sessions, between an hour to sometimes 2 plus hours,
were made up of a good cross section of various music
genres. Almost always calling it a night followed with a
supper session too.

At the first ever listen session of the Parasound monoblocs,
I asked specifically for the replay of the Dream of the Opera
CD, followed by Fleetwood Mac's 'Dream' track, Tracy
Chapman's "Baby Can I Hold You', Diana Krell's 'Look of
Love', some Police tracks, some Karajan's work, Bob
Marley and even Tsai Chin. The content of the music
replayed, come as no surprise, good control at least as
much as the Proac 3.8 could take it! If one don't go for
that brute force test that is. The high, mid range & bass
were more than sufficient for a not so overly aged person
like myself. It will still take some much younger listeners
to provide their views of the overall sound, to know if
different age groups have listened to the same sound.

At subsequent listening sessions, the listen materials
were all different, still the system could hold the music
together and the overall sonic presentations still
provided those many enjoyable listening sessions and
we have always set the sound loudness at a comfortable
level for those many listening hours! And I am grateful to
have The Wise One and Village Boy to keep me
company during the many listening sessions and
contributing to the discussions over supper.

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