Saturday, February 12, 2011

Year of the Golden Rabbit

It's a good start to the year of the golden rabbit
for many, audiophiles or not! It's time again
we get to witness some lion dances around the
housing areas. I could hear the sound of the big
drums and I sensed there's a dance troupe
nearby. Off I went with my camera, a Olympus E300
fitted with a Digital Zuiko Zoom 14-42mm f3.5/5.6!
It's one of those not so ordinary DSLR(digital single lens
reflex) camera with a unusual design, that befits
the owner too( who happens to be 1 of a kind too,
hah hah!!) It's 1 of 2 DSLR camera model in existent
that do not come with a pentaprism!!!!

You had better believe me, see this link.............

As I got nearer to the happening place where the
sound of the drum beatings and cymbal clashes
got louder and louder, I knew I was moving in the
right direction to locate the lion dance troupe!
Yes, the sound(erggghh noise to others!) was indeed
close to deafening, thought I should use a ear
plugs but then again much like listen to a hifi setup
whose owner replay music at deafening volume, the use
of ear plugs would certainly means insult to the host!!!
Am I not right?! So you agree with me, not?

That reminded me that most audiophiles are resolved
to the fact that their hifi setups won't get anyway near
to reproduce the sound of drum beatings and cymbals
clashes to as real life as possible in terms of loudness
and image sizes. However, most are quite happy with
a 'scaled down' version of the sound and continue to
enjoy the music as they thought most suited to their
hearing/ listening pleasure. Don't you agree?

Anyway, Happy Chinese New Year to the readers who
are celebrating this auspicious new lunar year, and
may this year bring us audiophiles even greater
abundances of hifi opportunites than the year before!!!

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  1. I received complains about this article, but when I read between the line, this much I gathered, people shouldn't be reminded that they are listening to a 'scaled down' version of the music! Would it really affect them? Or plainly make them realise that they are not listening to the real thing or the host can't assert how real the music sounded(like real)......once the listeners are aware of this fact no host will be brave enough to make an assertion as to how real the music sounded in his listening room?!