Sunday, March 6, 2011

Mr.W's DIY setup

Non oversampling dac

Hifi diyers are a interesting group of adventurous
hifi enthusiasts who like to build up equipments
sometimes all by themselves and at other times
collaborated with other diyers to design and build
hifi equipments for the love of putting together
electronics/electrical components/parts and
then powered them up to listen to the sound
reproduction from the equipments and then to
enjoy the music reproductions for hours at end
and be pleased with their handiworks.

At times it's the diy work that's the preoccupation
that leaves little time for the music enjoyments.
It could be to 'clone' a certain equipments, sometimes
it's to improve upon a already good working design
of a piece of equipment and the ultimate in diy
adventure will be to build something that has never
happen before! Some hifi diyers also collect music
albums be it in vinyl or CD version! Others may
just choose to keep all their previous creations,
and strictly not giving or selling off any of them!
And sometimes hifi diyers, have other passions too,
like being avid golfers and/or very passionate
photographers too! Talking about time management!!

Recently, I met up with 1 such hifi diyer, Mr.W who
divides his time between his family, work, passion for
music, meeting up with old friends and getting to know
new friends and the love of hifi diy work! Here in his
home we (Uncle K was with me during the visit) saw
several of his creations/ handiworks, which we had
expected to find. A non oversampling dac, valve
amplifiers based on the 300b and 1626 configuration,
speaker setup based on the single driver system of the
Audio Nirvana drivers. Thank you very much to Mr.W
for the listen session, and the learning experience.

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