Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Gold,Silver or Black?Using Rhymoi CD

In just a few years Cd/Lp music from china penetration to our market is very high.Normally they do like to "turbo charge” the music when mixing and this type of mixing really sound good on a dull system. One of the better recording music lable from China is Rhymoi Music. Later production from Rhymoi is improved and this is indeed a good news. But now I’m not try to rate which is the best recording company in china but does the premium that we pay for our gold disc really sound better than silver disc? What about black disc. Some say "Black Disc" sound black cd is not good for your health. Ahemmm.i mean for the cd player health.(I leave this to the engineer to answer this).

Different country pressing CD do sound different. Majority cd pressing from USA do sound better that any other parts of the world.
From left to right,A silver cd, Black cd, and at last the gold cd

I like to find few gold disc and normal silver disc but mainly different pressing either by country or record company. 
I have acquired the first version of Three Kingdom where the cd box and accompany book is longer and with a gold cd.
The 2nd version is a black cd with shorter cd box and booklet (Thanks bluesea for letting me this cd)
The third  is a silver compilation song CD.( Only 1 song is available for comparison).

The gold cd tends to balance the sound over the high and the black over the low. Silver cd is balance between them. String instrument is presented with more steely sound and bite when using gold cd

Black cd drum and bass instrument sound more substantial in weight.

Both black and silver image size is bigger and prominent/present. Where the gold is on it's own with a smaller image. (I'm not talking about mid imaging size)

So you may ask which one you like?

I can live with black and silver. If I have to choose , give me the silver any time.


1) Some say my system sound gauge with silver cd, so naturally silver come out as winner
2) The gold cd is an earlier pressing and should sound better.(Many people say the mould is in better shape)


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