Saturday, April 30, 2011

Ultimate Reference Audio Visual Centre

Mrs.Lim to Hubby: When are you coming with
Uncle Vic to visit our new showroom?

Mr. Lim replied: How about tomorrow?

So Mr.Lim, Uncle Vic and Uncle Chew, on
a saturday afternoon, were at the showroom of
Ultimate Reference Audio Visual Centre!

Many readers are probably already aware of
this new audio and visual showroom at
10, Boulevard, Lebuhraya Spring 6A,
from reading the Hifi Unlimited blog.

The main reception area was comfortable
& with good lighting, as readers could see from
the picture above, it's a pleasing sight, and
the lighting was just about right for
available light photography!!!

In the main reception area, was setup a pair of Amphion
speakers driven by electronics from the Audionet.

Perhaps many true blooded audiophiles may like
such a setup in their homes! Looks cool doesn't it?

To 1 side of the main reception area were placed the
array of speakers from Marten, Adam and Amphion.
And on the other side housed various models of
pre amplifiers and main amplifiers from such names
as Audionet, Bladelius & Denon.

We moved on to the AV room, that could sit 5 persons at one time.
For the purpose of the illustration a strobe light was used
to photograph the interior.

A view of the interior of the AV room, shown clearly
are the acoustic side panels from Vicoustic's
"Innovative Acoustic Solution".
This is what Vicoustic's CEO have to say:
"Now it's possible to improve the way you listen to
your music, in an affordable & accessible way"!

This was the actual view (sans the photographic strobe lighting)
of what will greet visitors as they enter the AV room.
The soft & subtle lighting make for the mood
to watch a movie or two, doesn't it?

And this was what visitors will see during a movie screening,
the room was darken enough for a comfortable viewing!
And there we were being treated to a playback on DVD bluray.

All pictures: Taken with Olympus 4/3 system, E300 dslr,
zuiko digital 14-45mm f3.5-5.6 zoom lens.

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