Sunday, September 27, 2009

The forgotten king,B&W 801 matrix s3

B&W 801 S3

B&w is no stranger of making quality speaker. Abbey road studio use a lot of b&w speaker especially the flagship model like the 8o1 series to mix classical music.

A pair of 801 series 3 has been maul to my buddy room and it’s time to listen to this king again. Previously this king was the flagship model of B&W but later replace by the nautilus and now the diamond series.

The associate gear for the night was Jadis JA80, Clone MFA pre and Mark Levinson Dac and transport in a medium size room. The speaker is standing on the original puck

Upon listening the impression i get is very clean, calm and gentle character. Music seems to be slow down, giving more time to enjoy the music. Mid is transparent and with sparkle high but the main problem seems to be the bass. There not much mid bass with very loose low bass and lag behind the excel mid and high. I heard some very weird sound emitting from the bass. The sound is more compose when we crank out loud
There is some uniqueness.The circle area is actually hollow.I heard mid low emit from there.We try a torch light buit cannot see anything as the light can't go through the cloth.

Maybe the power amplifier need more juice. We should give more time for my buddy as the speaker is only landed on his room 2 weeks ago.

Long live the king!.



  1. The mid bass dip can be rectify but then you have to look at it as mere rectifications. If you don't want to modify the speaker or amp, then add two 8" subwoofers as left and right(stereo pair) and select a high crossover point, tuning can be done selectively with musical instruments such as guitar or the piano playback on CDs. Start off with a low gain and work upwards when necessary. This way may not appeal to some I reckoned. But it's a pretty fast fix, that is if u have already a pair of subwoofers.

  2. Hi Vic,

    The 801 is a full range big speaker.The bass already more than enough.I think this speaker need more control rather than adding more to it.
    But let see how my friend deal with this as it is still new ti his room.


  3. If it's more bass than u want then it's not a dip in the bass region! That's entirely different. It's subtraction now instead of addition! Good luck.