Sunday, September 13, 2009

Infected! By h1f1 virus (1) Software

I am been been contracted by this disease since 1989.After finished form 5, my brother bring me to visit a hifi shop in Sandakan.As my brother is a good friend of the hifi shop retailer, he permit us to listen to whatever equipment in the shop.By changing the hifi equipment it change the sound and this really fascinating me.I still remember the 3 cd that been play over and over again.

The first cd is Acoustic Alchemy, Back on the case album. Track 2 jamaica heartbeat make you want to stand up and dance.

The 2nd cd is Amanda Mcbroom, Dreaming.Whole album is good. Recording is on the warm side.Can sound good in almost any system

The third album is Dire straits,Brothers in Arms.A fantastic song writer.The song can be listen again and again.It's a evergreen album.
If you don't want to be infected please don't listen or you may not able to return.


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