Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My Room Acoustics Part 2

Some background reading..............if you like.............

Three Acoustical Issues that Room Correction Can’t Correct

In a nutshell............

Issue number 1: place a subwoofer at the corners of the room.

To reduce the problem of speaker boundary interference
response(SBIR for short).

/I choose to have 1 subwoofer each in the front section of
room, 1 on the left corner and 1 more on the right corner.

/That's will be 2 subwoofers specifically used to for this
and not doing the main task of reproducing enough
bass contents
to add to the sound of the main speakers.
This helps explain 1 of
several reasons for the introduction
of additional subwoofers for
the sole purpose of reproducing
bass contents to emerge with
those of produce by the main
speakers, ie. integrate the bass
contents. A total of 7
subwoofers are in placed at the time of

Issue number 2: reduce/control of early sound reflections
the many surfaces of the room relative to those direct
from the speakers.

/Work out a suitable combination of direct and reflected
for that particular small room with acoustic treatments.
The level of reflections can only be controlled through
appropriate use of absorption or diffusion or by selecting

/I choose the use of the ceiling treatments for a small room
at the 1st reflection point from the position of the speakers.
the choice of speakers happens to be very unorthodox.

Issue number 3: rt60 cannot apply in a small listening room.

The decay time of the room can only be brought to the level
needed for high quality sound reproduction through
decorative choices, furnishings and the use of

/A simple hand clap will tell! Reduce the long reverberation
time to bring up the sound quality, by reducing any overlapping
of sound to perceive much readily the time gaps between
individual sounds if any.


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  8. Room Acoustic treatment is a widely neglected aspect of this hobby.

  9. It's likely most audiophiles don't get the urge to do up the room acoustics. I said most, because I seldom see room acoustics being seriously considered, probably for reasons only or best known to themselves! I won't want to speculate here. The facts remained: I come across more listening rooms that are not done up, not even a wee bit than rooms that are done up to the brink!