Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Thirst for more 'Hakka Song".

Lately i've been listening to a lot of hakka song.
But the hakka language that i know is different.I can't understand any of the lyric but it would not prevent me to enjoy the music
Ah Tao hakka song.If you don't own this you have miss alot of music.

I come to this cd  when i ask Jo ki any alternative good hakka song beside Ah Tao.Thanks Jo,you should get the "getting dark" CD.

Planting trees album

The first cd is "chung su" means planting trees by Lin Sheng-Xiang and by 2 japanese guitarist, Takashi Hiroyasu and Ken Ohtake.(I'm surprise )

Lin sheng-xiang, Ken Ohtake and Takashi Hiroyasu
Although only using with a pair of guitars, i can felt like i'm easily been "absorb" in that environment.A very involving album.Superb recording.I can play both of this cd over and over again and the guitar...wow!  i want to listen again tonight.This song arrangment is good.

My only grin is the whole cd tempo almost the same.Why this album use less instrument?.

Getting dark album
The 2nd cd is "lim am" means getting dark also by Lin Sheng-Xiang.
Use more instrument but the guitar is better play in the "chung su' cd.Song is arrange with more variety.



  1. hi Kenneth,
    i've a couple of Ah Tao albums.. may i know where to get the 'Planting trees' and 'Getting dark' albums? never heard of these before.

  2. Hi DAMIEN,

    I bought mine from singapore Adelphi.Actually i am stilllooking for Ah tao 2nd album(going to school?)

  3. Kenneth I have it in my HDD and its in KL right now, if you're keen I can prob get it passed to Vic and he can burn it onto CDR for you, or copy the files to a thumb drive or whatever for you.. thanks

  4. Hi,

    Thanks for the generous offer.I am still not migrate to music server if not i would like to get it from you.
    Actually now i am looking to buy the cd.Any lead?


  5. Kenneth - let me contact you offline.

  6. Kenneth....

    Where did yu get these two albums ? Can order via internet and pay by paypal , then send thru PosLaju or SINPostal ?

    I got Ah Tau and its a exceptional one !

    Paul Yahya

  7. Hi Paul, maybe if Rabin visit your place again, he could bring a copy over to u. Or if u contact Damien whenever u are in Penang.

  8. Hi Paul,

    Nice to have you here.

    Still remember our last conversation few years ago where i suggest you to try out the 2a3(small watt) amp with your ls3/5a?

    I get my album through friend.he get it in Adelphi, Singapore.

    through net ypu can get it from http://www.yesasia.com/global/getting-dark/1004002740-0-0-0-en/info.html