Sunday, September 19, 2010

That Vintage Feel part 2: The Complete Metamorphosis

In the previous article I mentioned the changes that have taken over the years on this particular setup. The changes have being very gradual and spaced out over a couple of years. It is during this time that the listening and at the same time the enjoying of the music, has brought about many critical listening on the part of the owner and many of his visitors who have given valuable feedback and suggested likely directions that could be taken.

The sound has taken a change from that of lack of bass contents to finally today a setup that has enough bass to give a very enjoyable musical presentation. It takes someone brave enough to try unchartered territories, such as attempt to work with a subwoofer. The integration of which many would probably know it isn't easy, and takes time and effort to work out a workable solution, perhaps even a workable compromise to provide a presentation the owner could enjoy most of his collection of music software. And it was also during this time, that the owner tried variously different equipment isolation devices such as the Qi cones, marble and granite slabs.

Besides this there is the issue of speaker placements, which I personally witness has taken many different positions and the tirelessly tried and tested placements of late being one of the best for that room. Not forgetting that the sitting position has to couple with the speaker placements, make for a long process over the years. With this done, next came the room acoustics, and how much to do and how much of it to be left alone. It's not surprised I find bricks, wood, additional carpets over carpet floor, and more recently diyed helmholtz resonators. And check on the room acoustics with test tone cd when tuning those resonators.

And finally, I find a setup I could sit down to listen for hours. And some of the time, I get to know some of the owner's other hifi buddies and friends. Least to say the tea session that always follow after the listening has always being interesting. I thank Koo for the permission to write this 2 parts article and him being a gracious host all these many years.


  1. Huh.... long and smelly grandma stories still not end yet.

    Put it in this way.
    How do you think the sound of your friend's single sub system compare to you multisubs?

    1) His single sub system is inferior than your multisub system? Then, from the way your explain about your system, we could roughly estimate the sound of your friend system.

    2) His single sub system is superior or almost same level compare to your multisubs system? Then what for you need so many subs? Time to dispose all?

  2. You are 1 very unhappy cookie! Looks like u will be here very often just to wrench out your anger.

  3. i think if want to comment or discuss, at least show ur true identity. spamming other blog site with hidden face is not a thing matured person should do.

    hi unker vic, let me know if could bring to have a listen on the setup. i'm not happy with my current setup,need some good one as reference to tune mine.

    let me know if it's feasible.

  4. It is possible. Any feedback from u will also provide a true & fair view of another independent listener to the readers here. Are u able to contact Kenneth or anyone other blog writers for my details?

  5. I presume he/she has his own set of smelly long old granma story... I oso have mine ;) anyone wanna hear?

  6. Albert u can e mail me at this's where all the spam found.

    I will pick up your mail from there.

  7. Part I
    Dear Unker Vic.

    First of all, thanks for your introduction to all of us about Mr Koo single sub (2.1) system. Based on your writings (Part I & Part II), I believe it should be a very good sound system.

    Since Mr Koo may be a low profile audiophile, we may lost the chance to get know to his well-tuned system if without your writing.

    Due to your high reputation among KL audiophiles, I learned to know that you are a very experienced and respected audiophile in Malaysia. I should say you are an expert or master in multi subs (2.x) audio system among Malaysia audiophiles.

    I am glad to have a chance to learn something from you after reading your writing.

    1) Since Unker Vic and Mr Koo both are using sub(s) in the audio system and some more Unker Vic is so familiar with Mr Koo's system. Let's take Unker Vic's system as reference, may I know how Mr Koo's system sounds compare to yours? What is his system strong points and weaknesses compare to your multi subs system?

  8. Part II
    2) Based on what I know, for more than 2 subs system, the connection/tuning/measurement could be very critical and complicated. Below are my few questions about number of subs used, the way of connection and how we deal with each subs' phase shift:

    a) Sub quantity: According to your know how, how many subs are needed or best for a 2 channels stereo audio system? Is there any theory background behind? What are the limitations/constraints for single sub and stereo subs?

    b) Connection: How do you connect all your subs?

    - Is it your CDP has multi outputs? In this case, how you control the subs' volume?

    - Is it your integrated/pre amp has multi pre-outputs? Normally hard to find CDP/pre/integrated amp come with more than 2 pre-outputs.

    - Is it you connect all your subs parallel with your stereo speakers? In this case, do you consider the speaker/subs loading effect to your amp? The more subs you parallel with your speaker, the lower the speaker/subs impedance. As a result the speaker impedance will be shifted and the sound characteristic will change.

    c) Phase shift/delay: All subs you used are same brand and same model? How you manage the phase shift created by each subs in your room? How you make sure all subs are in phase? By any measurement?

    As we know, any signal pass through an amplifier circuit and speaker driver, the output signal will not be in phase with the input signal.

    The phase shift will be even more trouble when all your subs are not from the same brand and models.

    Some more, the placement of the subs and the room acoustic will create some more phase shift.

    How do you consider/manage with all these phase shifts?

  9. Part III
    3) Is Marantz CD63 and Philips CD 160 using the time tested CDM Pro 2 mechanism? Or is just old CDM2? I am not trying to offence you but just to clarify the fact. It is good for you to make some correction if there are some misleading information in your writing.

    4) I am very interested and respect on your ferrite clock design which could remove some power supply harmonic noises. May I know how it functions? What is the concept or principle? I know it may involve some confidential information or know how, so very brief explanation will do.

    You may not answer my questions due to I post my comments with anonymous. So, I would like to introduce myself, I am Keith from Johor but most of the time I am in Sg.

    Hope to get your reply soon.