Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The forgotten king 2 Second encounter,B&W 801 matrix s3

It’s more than 2 weeks and it time to visit this ‘king”(B&W 801 MATRIX s3) again. Yes,sound much better compare to last time.I can hear an integration between mid bass and the mid. I don’t feel the bass is lag behind from the rest. Although as a whole I still feel the music is presented slower than I used to be.

B&W use this tweak too, normally we put at the side but B&W put it below the tweeter.
This speaker can really handle mid. The midrange flow effortlessly. My only complain is the speaker should have more authority. It still lack the majestic sound of a big speaker. This system moving on the right track and I feel there will be more to come.


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