Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Infected! By h1f1 virus (5) Express lane-PCB/Kit

PCB/ Kit set

Many people fail to start diy mainly due to they did not take the first step. You don’t have to start like me. If I were to start again definitely I will start with PCB/KIT SET.

When buying a PCB/Kit set actually it offers numerous of advantages:

1) Actually we are buying others expertise

The person who make it is more experiance  than us.(We are still green at that time)

2) Proven

The product normally been tested and function properly.I talking product from reputable seller.
In Malaysia, i only know Yeo from http://www.diyparadise.com/

3) Morale boaster.

It very fast to complete a kit set. You will feel the pinch if you have invested a lot of resources and later found out it is a failure. This is demorale especially for beginner and might quit diy.

I have completed this line pre amp base on CONVERGENT AUDIO TECHNOLOGY. I would say this pre is a much complex(4 tube) design but i have finished it around an hours.The question i am more concern is it don't hummm...yeah!

4)Suitable for complex circuit.

Another power supply base on Matisse Reference pre also finished in less than an hour.(Sorry i have desolder some of the parts for other project

So don’t stop.Many people have stop after the kit/pcb is build up.

Learn from the PCB.Use back engineer approach. Learn how they design the layout and the connection. Many thing can be learn from there. From here you may proceed further to do point to point/scratch

However there are several things you must know. The performance/sound is much restricted by the pcb(Sorry guy I like point to point).Pcb is not meant to be solder and desolder for many times. So testing out components/parts may not be viable. Different components have different size and the pcb might not be able to fit the size.

Please avoid SMD type of kit unless it is been soldered.I still remember i encourage a buddy to buy Kit but later he show me a Kit with SMD.

All i can do is open wide my eye and look at him.You know who you are.Now i still laugh when i think of it.
But i think he learn how to pay through paypal.Hahaha!
Solder Smd type require smaller  tip for the solder gun and i still can't do it nowsaday.So don't ask me about this.



  1. Yo! Kenneth. Rmbr me, we met in Guangzhou. How did yr EL34 SE project go? I can see that u r getting yr hand very itchy with kits. Very poisonous, u know bcos hard to stop once started DIY.

  2. Hi,
    Yes, is till remember but are you the guys who ask about the speaker about the TDL?