Monday, October 5, 2009

Hai guys, this is my first post here. First of all congrates and thanks to Kenneth for taking the innitiative starting a new blog with a 'different concept' for exposing hifi friends' journey. I am Wan from Sarawak. Kind of a stubborn guy but finally complete something i'd longing for, the oh mighty Lenco tt source. Actually the process of building this Lenco based project took me long years. Total of 2 failure and only now shown in picture is successful.
How difficult is difficult to start vinyl? It can be very simple; replace your cd with a tt, that is all u need to do.
Cartrige is expensive and don't last forever- your valued Mullard or GEC is not for display too.
vinyl is expensive!! - your super recorded cd is not cheap too.
I don't have a phono!! - then don't spend too much on your dac!!!
tt is expensive!! - 2nd hand Rega P3 only less then 1.5k with great
cart, great deal, great sound. What cd can u buy at
that price?
Well, that is my opinion and how i start into tt. Cheers!!!


  1. Wow Roger, thats a fine plinth u made for Lenco.
    Wow how many kgs?
    What kind of ply?
    I need plinth for thorens 124.
    Any hints ?

  2. Hey, drsm282. Roger is my nick name, and i am Wan.

    The plinth is about 10 kg. Total with the heavy Lenco around 15 to 18 kg only. As long as it don't break your spine. hahah!!

    It was only layered plywood. It was kind of old type of plinth built. Now adays they go for 'slate' (consider the best among all), which i have no idea where to get it, or 'corian-fake marble. These are much better and don't need the 'mass'-size to counter the vibration from motor. I am planning to re do the plinth cause my new arm is coming soon. Thoren 124!! what arm you match?? wow,,, my dream tt beside Garrard 301. Please guys, buy more arms!!! Can't wait to see your project.