Tuesday, October 27, 2009


When you saw these 3 brands, everybody will start to think about shoes. Did you know that speaker stand spike also need a shoe?
Hence I  call this SSSS (speaker stand spike shoe).
Normally cost around a few ringgit per piece(if not mistaken I bought it around rm5.00 per piece) and you need 8 pieces for your stand.
 I have own this long ago but I lost 1 but finally found out from  my Aladdin cave floor(store room).

8 Happy reunion

This type of shoes is normally make out of brass. This shoe is replacing the 1 cent coin that I have used for a few years in my Foundation designer II stand.

Now these 1 cents is not enough to buy sweets.

So the did the SSSS offer any improvement?
Yes, a highly recommended tweak and 1 of the most cost effective upgrade that I have made to my system. I heard there seems to be a better foundation music been layout.Sorry i really don't know how to write it down.
Improvement is not just from the low but extend to the mid.I can't hear much changes from the high.Maybe i didn't pay much attention.
The imaging is more prominent and better separation too.

Beside better sonically I also find it make the stand much easier to move. As the spike sit at the groove of the SSSS, it will move together by sliding together with th stand.

So please go now and buy yourself the SSSS if you did not use it yet.


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