Thursday, October 8, 2009

Infected! By h1f1 virus (4) Now everyone can Diy

This "play hifi or being play by hifi period" have keep me happy for around 10 years.Naturally I moved back to east Malaysia where I meet a person that have completely change my direction in hi fi. Its Shamsul, I meet him in Kota kinabalu where I’m on work. He highly recommends me the “DARLING Amplifier”.

I still remember I  ask him this question before decided to build the darling amplifier. What amplifier did you posses, Shamsul say I still have a Rogers E-40 and a Jadis Orchestra that put in the closet.(At that time every magazine is uuhhh-ahhhh about this 2 amplifier) OK~! That’s the answer that I want. I'm determined to build a Darling amplifier but I’m zero in electronic.

Shamsul say if you can’t make it sing just take it here I will “kautim” (solve) for you. He also helps me to source all the parts. The only technical question I ever ask him is”How to count the tube socket leg number”.

I stare at the schematic 3 days (no kidding) even it is just a simple circuit.

After all the preparation Darling amplifier is sing when power up without any hum(Maybe I’m lucky ,it even sing with many cold joint) and i recheck 5 time before dare to power it up. This is the sweetest sound I have ever heard.

A multimeter and soldering is all you need to build a tube amplifier


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