Thursday, October 15, 2009

Rogers 11 Ohm

In HiFi world, rarely anyone does not know about Rogers LS3/5A. I wonder whether LS3/5A makes Rogers famous or vise-versa. I thought I will not acquire Rogers 11 Ohm after fall in love with 15 ohmer until I saw these pair with Ebony veneer. They are not really perfect conditions but nice sounding! Dating with Wong's Rosewood 11 Ohm would be interesting.


  1. hey what kind of map are great with 11 ohm
    i saw a pink triangle ventrical speaker the other day, it was also 11 ohm and using a 200w proton amp could not even really push the speakers to work


  2. Hi,

    Normally we use tube amplifier to push the ls3/5a.Tube amplifier that known to have push well the ls3/5a is Quad ii, all leak amplifier, marantz 8b, Mcintosh 240, Radford.

    Solid state i have try is the nad 304, bryston b60 and i suspect the Musical fidelity A1 will also sound good.

    Tube amplifier that i have try and doesn't sound good is Jadis JA80, Some reported single ended also bad.
    Quad 606 is also not good unless some modification.


  3. Hi,

    This only meant for LS3/5A and i have never heard the pink triangle speaker.
    It not much of power but more of synergy.